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The greatest asset of any organization is people, the decisive factor of any project is labour resources. That is why the recruitment of qualified, skilled labour ...


VLS set its own target is to supply only the best candidates to our existing as well as potential clients in order to gain their trust for the sustainable development. To make these targets come ...


1. Low Labor Salary

2. Specialized in Construction and Engineering

3. Hardwork, Creative, Responsible

4. Diversified Workforce

5. Immediately Placement

6. Effective with Cheap Labor Cost

7. Long - Standing Experiences.

8. Adaptive with Working Environments

9. Friendly and Loyal

10. Simple Procedures



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manpower supplier
Workers face premature retirement
After 30 – 40 years worked in industrial, exporting, processing zones, workers whom normally female retired and carried with chronic diseases to home which were caused in the working places.
manpower supplier   Girls have to reduce 40 percent of their time to do housechores
manpower supplier   Educated wokers with less employed rate than the peers without degrees
recruitment agency   Environmental catastrophe recoiled the unemployment rate in fishery