From 35, women strain with unemployment rate

80 percent of female workers over the age of 35 are struggling to find stable jobs, the common reasons are: low paid, the pressure from workplace and family, being fired.


From the survey conducted by Institue for Workers and Trade Unions under Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL), which showed 3 main reasons that caused unemployed are: low wage (59.6 percent of female workers aged 35 – 45), work pressure (39.1 percent), and being fired (22.6 percent)


Vu Quang Tho – Director of Institute of Workers and Trade Unions said that “80% of female workers from 35 to 45 years old quit or being fired is alarming. Many of them have been worked for more than 10 years in those factories, but they still receive termination letter for the reason of reconstructing the production or cannot stand stern environment in workplaces”

“This figure is headaching to many experts” he added.


The older female worker gets, the higher the chance they’re getting fired, according to the survey


Female workers holds 50 percent of the unemployment proportion who have lost their jobs. Also, females from the age of 18 to 35 are more likely to take on other jobs than those above 35, said Nguyen Toan Phong – Director of Hanoi Employment Service Centres


To support woman’s right, the center are now developing policies for those whom are living in grassroots areas and disabilities


With many years of experiences in studying Vietnam labor, Nguyen Thi Hong wasn’t surprised by the survey’s conclusions. She concerned that although creating new policies to support women when they have babies and raise them, lessen the retirement age than men but those courses will indeliberately increase the housework and keep good performance at work.

“Women have weaker strength than men, they must carry out for both of work at home and office, 80% among them renounce or being fired their jobs is understandable” She said.


They often have only two choices to quit or getting sacked the job due to huge pressure put on their shoulder.


Society should change the perception on women, relief their duties, lending hands to

the daily routines.

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