Vietnam IT manpower can’t meet both quantity and quality requirement of Japanese comapnies

After setting up many recruitments, Japanese companies cannot seek enough suitable IT employees to co-operate with in long term because of limiting capabilities.


Vietnam information technology industry’s now facing with a serious problem in its workforce since the Japanese firms are unable to find more qualified IT employees, without any further ways, they have called the support from government to change IT training in schools and educational establishments.

Japanese company’s representatives pointed out that Vietnam IT workers still have a huge gap with global requirements for adapting in fresh technologies and applications

“Vietnam is one of the most vital investment destination for any Japan IT companies.” Said Sei Kudo – CEO of Fujitsu Vietnam.

Furthermore, he suggested that the government should push up some policies about improving quantity and quality of IT manpower

Vietnamworks – a recruitment website has published statistic in IT industry, specifically, it will increase 8 percent for the next year, which is much lower than overall job growth index with 47 percent for 2013 – 2016 period.

By the 2020, Vietnam will lack of 500,000 IT employees to supply the industry, source from local reports

If the gap between Vietnam human resource and Japanese IT firms cannot reduce, the foreign investment flows will start to run into other countries.

Tetsu Funayama, spokesperson of Mitsubishi Corp Vietnam said that the reason for us to invest in the country is because it has low labor cost. But what Vietnamese IT employees are lacking of is their skills in both qualification and language

Also, he acknowledged the essential role of Vietnamese government and companies if they can combine together so that can break barrier in Supplying and demanding manpower.


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