Japan aims Vietnam as the main manpower supplier for its own progress

To catch up the rate of the progress of 2020 Olympics, Japan’s absorbing foreigners to adhere their construction industry.

   From a local media showed that to prepare for the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics with the presence manpower insufficient about 20 to 30 percent, Japan requires more labors to help them build infrastructure

   Japanese firms are desired to recruit as many Vietnamese workers as possible under the form of technical trainees. Ha Xuan Tung – officials of Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs said that workers need to overcome a training spell that lasted for one month, whom will match up with the employer’s production lines, after that they’re qualified to work in Japan

   On the average, a person can earn VND25 million ($1,100) to VND30 million ($1,300) monthly, besides, Japanese government offers financial support for Vietnamese workers with the expense around $5,000 for each individuals. For those whom work in Vietnam have average income far lower than in their countrymen in Japan with only $2,100 annually from the data of World Bank.

   The figure of foreigners whom lived in Japan by the time of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acceded to office in 2012 rose to 10 percent (2.2 million). In the Japan’s foreigner proportion, technical interns take up to 27 percent and overseas students are 36 percent

   Over the recent years, Japan is now becoming the second largest manpower market for Vietnamese, according to the statistics.

   The bond between Vietnam and Japan in manpower exchanging collaboration is increasing firm, for only 9 months in 2016 Vietnam exported 27,000 technical trainees nearly equals to 2015’s figure 30,000.

   For the next three years, South East Asia will become the major manpower exporters for Japan to compensate the labor shortage condition

   Pham Viet Huong – Deputy Director of Overseas Labor Management Department said that Japan wants to improve its own facilities for 2020 Olympics and North-east region so that investors hire a large amount of skilled workers in construction.

   Chinese’s now moves out of the country to search higher earnings manpower market. This is the chance for Vietnamese workers to accede in Japan.

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