Construction Manpower

Construction industry remains the strong base for any economy. With the rapid industrialisation and computerisation, the construction industry is well advanced in terms of technology and has raised as the best dynamic and quickly developing industry sector.

The expansion and modernisation in this industry need more skilled personnel to take care of various jobs . Vietnam Labour Services have expertise in handling rising demands of construction professionals. We understand the urgent and vital needs of our clients and strive to meet their requirements for handling the demands of infrastructure creation due to increasing population base. Vietnam Labour Services identify talented workforce holding high degree of specialisation, industry knowledge and experience in related fields.

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Agricultural Manpower

Agricultural workers are working on the farms, ranches, and nursery houses and largely responsible for getting food, plants, and other agricultural foodstuffs to the market. They are directly involved in pouching, planting and harvest crops, set up irrigation amenities, taking care of the yield in general by using fertilizers, eliminating weeds, using the best pesticides, etc.

» Agricultural workers are basically involved in wide range of trade and activities which include raising crops, rearing livestock. It is helpful for operating farm equipments.

» Responsibility of agricultural workers is based on the crop, greenhouse labourers directly. They contribute to harvesting the crops and helping to pack them for shipment.

» They know the basic use of major pesticides which will be used to control injection in the crops and help to grow the crop in better sense.

» Their major responsibility is operating all the farm equipments and repairing the fences which are kept for keeping crop secure.

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Manufacturing Manpower

With the progress of technology, factories and manufacturing units also have incorporated the latest machines for their work. With integration of technologically developed equipments, it has become essential in factories to appoint skilled and semi-skilled manpower, who can smoothly operate the machines.

We offer perfect candidates for factories and manufacturing companies by filtered procedures. With wide variety of job opportunities available in the manufacturing and warehouse sector, it is a difficult task to find out what is required to work. However, it can be simpler to look at the various roles when they are classified by their pre-requisites. Vietnam Labour Services can match you up with the requirements within the manufacturing and warehouse sector to adapt to your individual skills, experience, qualifications, and personal preferences.

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Heavy Equipment Operator

Vietnam Labour Services provide highly experienced operators and helpers for heavy duty Cranes, Excavators, Payloader, Forklifts, Reach Strackers, Gantry, Various heavy cranes and heavy equipments.

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