Vietnam prepares for exporting specialized workers

Outlining the program of sending workers with professional qualifications to strict manpower markets for the next few years, from Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)


From the steer of the ministry, Department of Overseas Labor Management cooperated with other appropriate authorities to shape a specific labor exporting strategy for the period of 2017 – 2020 and submit for Government.

For specific, qualified heath workers can go to Japan and Germany under guest worker program. Those whom have been trained in technical field such as: electronic, telecommunication, information technology, biology, agriculture can choose to go to Japan. Mechanics can participate in South Korea’s Visa E – 7 program, Europe and Middle East countries.

Besides the traditional manpower markets, MOLISA’s also pursuing new markets like: the Czech Republic, Isarel and Slovakia

Expanding newly profession in foreign which will bring Vietnamese workers many opportunities, they’re able to reach choosy manpower markets like: Japan or South Korea, revealed by Pham Viet Huong – Deputy director of the department

What Mr Huong said was based on a fresh decision of Japan government for more welcome with overseas workers under guest workers program. In addition, Vietnam signed agreement with Germany in training and recruiting nurses to Europe hospitals.

Many health workers had been selected to work overseas last years and small proportion of IT engineers are qualified to Singapore companies said Pham Do Nhat Tan – Deputy Director of Vietnam Association of Manpower Supply (VAMAS)

Vietnamese workers often struggle to make their living in other countries due to lack of understanding in foreign languages and qualifications. Mr. Pham Do Nhat Tan reminded that If someone wants to work overseas, he/she should prepare more than six months to hold the basis in language, working manners and customs

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